At Vevi Systems our main objective is to provide our customers with modern and innovative 20. technological solutions that allow them to enjoy the huge advantages brought by the technological revolution of recent decades. Technological solutions based on the model of Software as a Service, which allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of technology without worrying about its drawbacks.

The experience of many years, thousands of customers and projects, allows us to develop software that allows the customers to focus only on their business, and maximizing the productivity of your company. We participate from the analysis of the needs and the design of the application, taking into account the existing problems and anticipating possible problems that may arise, participating with the client in decision making, thus reaching optimal business solutions.

The solutions we offer to our customers are characterized by their high levels of quality, based on the 4 principles Vevi Systems, key in any of our products: innovation, safety, usability and reliability.


It will provide more modern, efficient, agile, easy to maintain, easy to use and much longer lasting solutions.


From the very beginning of the design and development, we think about creating a safe solution from all points of view.


We firmly believe that the success of an application, its use and the agility of business processes go hand in hand with its usability.


For a company the reliability of the applications for its processes is something basic. In each iteration and prototype we perform countless tests that ensure the robustness and safety of each product delivered.


In particular, in Vevi Systems we are specialized in the development of projects such as:

Management applications adapted to the specific needs of each company: CRMs, ERPs, document management, integration with own or obsolete technology, etc.

Process monitoring, supervision and control systems: especially solutions based on mobile technology.

Applications based on maps and geolocation: resource survey, tracking and tracking of vehicles and people, etc.