The work of Vevi Systems during years in companies of different sectors, following our philosophy, working hand in hand with the companies, involving us in the taking of decisions, and in the improvement of their processes based on computer solutions, has allowed us to develop several products outside the health sector. As we say, these solutions that we present are the work of years in multiple companies of recognized prestige at national and international level.

Work Cyclops

It is a SaaS software product that allows the integral control of works, maintenance and actions from the office. The birth of Work Cyclops arises from the need to carry out works and installations in areas far away from our company's offices, added to the use, sometimes, of external employees, is what leads to difficulties in organisation and control.

Work Cyclops allows you to define the documentation associated with each client and specific work, both yourself and the technical staff can observe from the offices how each work is at every moment, what documentation has been delivered or where in the process each employee is, all this and much more without moving from the office, being able to communicate and show it all in real time to customers or suppliers. In addition, you will be able to have your project and maintenance contacts in a unified way, make warnings and shipments to your customers and suppliers, manage incidents or non-conformities, or carry out a complete analysis of the data managed.

It is currently a solution used in multiple companies of medium and big size, being used both as a main ERP and as a support tool integrated with your ERP. In addition, the power and flexibility of Work Cyclops allows us to easily adapt it to the needs of each client, going from being a generalist tool to an internal application, taylor made and therefore fully adapted to the company and its processes.


GeoDbSurvey is a multi-device solution designed to simplify field survey, allowing you to work from anywhere and at any time, without having to worry about technical aspects, manual analysis, backups or other security problems. It also has a web management platform to freely define your campaigns, as well as monitor, analyze and export the data and resources collected.

GeoDbSurvey solution allows you to define your databases using multiple types of data, being able to create infinite databases, resources and attributes, and work with several campaigns simultaneously, saving time and money. You can perform the data collection both if there is an Internet connection, having an instant synchronization of data, otherwise we have Internet and the synchronization will perform when we have it.

GeoDbSurvey is currently used in different installation and maintenance companies in different sectors, as well as to assist in the municipal inventories.