Vevi Systems is a company focused on developing its own cloud-based products. We stand out for our innovative character in different areas, being especially focused on the health sector, managing to bring to companies the latest advances in technologies and services.

Vevi Care is the brand of Vevi Systems that brings together the different health solutions we offer. Having advised hundreds of companies in the healthcare sector, in Spain and other countries, Vevi Care software solutions are a guarantee for you and your business.

For this reason, at Vevi Care we propose that you focus on your daily work, where you can add value and create business, and we take care of the rest, putting in your hands simple, modern and agile solutions that will improve your processes and their management.

Vevi Care's healthcare software solutions are currently used by thousands of customers all over the world, both small and big companies, having as a common nexus the fact that they perfectly fit their daily needs and processes.

Vevi Dental

It is an innovative solution that takes to the cloud the integral management of a dental laboratory (generalist, fixed prosthesis, orthodontics, etc...), or milling centre.

Vevi Dental stands out for its digital flow that allows a continuous communication of employees, customers and suppliers in a totally integrated and controlled way. In addition, among many other things, it allows: controlling and planning work, complying with health legislation, billing, managing the storage, sending and receiving messages, images, CAD/CAM files, and much more.

All this in a simple way and from the same place. Thanks to our comprehensive vision, laboratories will be able to substantially improve their management, which will result in increased productivity and profits.

Currently, Vevi Dental is used daily by thousands of laboratories all over the world, from Spain to Chile, France or Brazil and England to highlight some countries, allowing to manage and process daily thousands of prosthesis and health treatments. This strong positioning allows us to continuously know and develop improvements and needs that allow Vevi Dental to become a complete, agile and innovative product.

Vevi Clinic

Cloud software for the agile and integral management of a dental clinic, allowing you to work from anywhere, from any device, and at any time, leaving aside any concern for technical aspects such as software installation or update, backup copies or other security problems.

It is a solution conceived since its creation to increase the productivity of the clinic and its team, helping to improve processes and profitability of the same. In addition, Vevi Clinic allows you to easily comply with health legislation, control and plan appointments, manage treatments and budgets, billing and charges control, as well as manage the storage, expenses, interact with dental laboratories and suppliers, etc...

Vevi Academy

Vevi Systems has always had the objective of getting companies to improve their management and processes by developing software products that help them to do so.

Under this objective Vevi Systems goes one step further to help companies in this improvement by creating Vevi Academy. Having advised hundreds of companies in the sector, both small and medium and big, and both in Spain and other countries, with Vevi Academy we offer companies a personalized training where we will teach how to organize and control the business, to know where to look at every moment and to propose focused solutions. In short: to modernize and improve each company, improve processes, learn to analyze data and what consequences we draw from them, obtaining as a final result to increase the profits of the company.


Improve your medical clinic, its management and processes, reducing the administrative burden of your business and focusing on what really matters. With Caregement you can work from anywhere and on any device, always keeping your data safe, forgetting technical aspects such as software installation or update, backups or other security problems.

In a simple and clear way you will be able, among other things, to have an analytical vision of your clinic, to carry out really focused and successful marketing campaigns, as well as to carry out a complete day-to-day management of your clinic, such as managing appointments, calendars, budgets, billing, etc.